GLAMA - Manipulator, Robot, Automation, Forging, Rolling

Since 1961 GLAMA is known as a reliable supplier of innovative solutions for the material handling and production of steel, copper and light metal industry. Our material handling solutions enables our clients to just produce better, faster and more reliable which allow them to pick up new challenges and market opportunities with great success.

You will find GLAMA a solution provider that enables you to reach your targets, take care of the environment and enable you to take your next innovative step in mechanisation or automation of your production line. For this reason, our experts not only work together with you, but also with many of the known industry partners in order to supply you the best, effective, low cost reliable solution for your production line. Whether your project is an upgrade of an existing transporter or manipulator, lowering your production cost by introducing tending equipment or the transport of slag, metal or a full greenfield or brownfield expansion of your production. Be sure, we are your most trusted partner, that stands for quality, innovation, robustness and service within the tight environmental restrictions of your operations.

It is for this reason that year in year out GLAMA invested in its product line and people that create our solutions. We continue to strive to offer you the best solutions within the good tradition of German "Meisterschaft", Innovation and Full Machine Integration up to the requirements of Industry 4.0. Powered by Innovation we dare to make a difference. A difference that counts in order to add value, pride and make your production a pleasant working environment and an asset to the community that supports your facilities. Powered by Innovation with solid roots in Gladbeck and industry, we know what solutions will add value within your production environment.

GLAMA Facts and Figures:
  • Established: 1961
  • ISO 9001 since 1991
  • ISO 14001 since 2005
  • Employees: 85
  • Machines installed: 1620

GLAMA History:
2017: GLAMA establish its first service hub outside Europe in Ohio USA. GLAMA successfully expands its portfolio with a new product, a safe robust solution for cleaning the dangerous area of a pot line basement.

2015: GLAMA becomes a turn key supplier of material handling solutions for rail wheel production lines with full control of the production speed and quality from hot pre shape until finished product.

2013: GLAMA introduces an Automatic Guided Tandem Manipulator in the open die forge process and adds more and more automated robot technology to its clients solutions.

2011: The family firm celebrates its 50s anniversary. GLAMA has extended its supply: to machines for forging, smelting, foundry technologies for steel industries and light metal industries.

2008: A new production hall is erected to fulfil the demand for stronger and bigger machines in future.

2005: GLAMA takes the proud step to become a ISO 14001 certified company as part of their sustainable responsibility towards the earth.

2001: The 1000th machine, a mobile forging manipulator, is built.

1999: GLAMA quality and process control leads to the certification for ISO 9001.

1995: Ing. Friedhelm Schwarz retires. His son Dipl. Ing. Reinhard Schwarz becomes president of GLAMA.

1977: The 500th machine is a rotating ingot car.

1976: GLAMA Gladbecker Maschinenbau becomes GLAMA Maschinenbau GmbH, being now a limited company LTD. A new production hall is built next to the office building.

1971: GLAMA takes over its second production facility at the H├╝ttenwerks-Maschinenbau GmbH (H├ťMA) on Industriestra├če 3 in Rheinberg.

1970: GLAMA establish herself at Hornstra├če 19 in Gladbeck centrally located to its customer base in forging and light metal industry.

1964: The first forging manipulator is successfully put into operation.

1961: Ing. Friedhelm Schwarz founds GLAMA Maschinenbau in Gladbeck/GER. A global supplier of German engineering solutions for the smelting technology.

GLAMA values
Family owned and since 1961 active in designing production means for steel and light metals, GLAMA is for a long time aware of its impact on our clients, the community and the earth.
We are therefore proud to inform you that as one of the first in industry we are both certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
However, we also like to contribute our fair share to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large. The solutions we offer proudly last for over 30 years and therefore are passed on from generation to generation. In order to enable this, each of our employees are trained on a regular basis. They work by and apply the latest standards of environmental sustainable solutions. This enables, joy of work and the quality output of environmental profitable metals and metal parts that add value to your society.

In order to do so we challenge our employees to follow this guidelines day in day out:
GLAMA Philosophy
T├ťV Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001
T├ťV Certificate DIN EN ISO 14001



GLAMA is constantly on the search for new talents. In case you want to work in a truly international company with strong roots in Germany and you are interested to become part of our engineering team, sales team, management team or service team then feel free to send in your qualifications. With GLAMA you will find a dynamic company, full of opportunities and development changes. We look for technical skilled people with an eye for adventure and innovation that accept proven technology will only be replaced by something that clearly outperforms the proven standard. Ability to be fluent in English as well as your local language is a must. You will join a winning team that is able to stay ahead of competition year in year out and maintain the leading position despite the challenges. Do you have what it takes to beat the competition? Or do you add that special skills that will make a difference. Be sure to reply and JOIN us for a dynamic change or start in your career.


Electrician (m/f)
Your task:
  • Complete electrical cabling (valve, switch, motor, etc.) of the machine for the steel and aluminum industry according to the circuit diagram
  • Connection and wiring of all common transmitter, sensor and proximity switch functions according to current flow diagram and consideration of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Processing of cables and measuring leads (cable cross sections of 0.34mm┬▓ - 95mm┬▓)
  • Standardization of cable lengths for cable sets
  • Recognize plan errors

Your profil:
  • Completed training as a power plant electronics engineer and several years of professional experience
  • Knowledge in reading drawings, parts lists and assembly instructions
  • Willingness to travel, traveling abroad
  • Resilience, teamwork, flexibility and sense of responsibility
Are you interested?
We look forward to receiving your application.

GLAMA Maschinenbau GmbH
Hornstr. 19
D-45964 Gladbeck

fon: +49 (2043) 9738-0
fax: +49 (2043) 9738-50
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GLAMA Maschinenbau GmbH
Hornstr. 19
D-45964 Gladbeck
Phone: +49 (2043) 9738-0
Chamber of Commerce: Gelsenkirchen HRB 4196

In case you have any questions please feel free to contact us either by
phone or through the contact form below.
It will be our pleasure to serve you as fast as possible once we received your request.


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Reinhard Schwarz

Barbara Schr├Âder
Financial Manager

Werner Nowitzki
Vice President

Stefan Horstmann
Sales Manager

Maarten Meijer
Sales Manager

Guido Grimberg
Purchase Manager

J├Ârg Schwarzbach
Sales Manager Parts and Service

GLAMA Maschinenbau GmbH

Hornstra├če 19

D-45964 Gladbeck - Deutschland

phone: +49 (2043) 9738-0

fax: +49 (2043) 9738-50

email: Email to Info

Gesch├Ąftsf├╝hrer: Reinhard Schwarz, Barbara Schr├Âder

Sitz der Gesellschaft: Gladbeck

Registergericht Gelsenkirchen, HRB 4196

Umsatzsteuer ID-Nr.: DE 811145775

Concept and design:
Agnesstra├če 2
D-45136 Essen - Germany

phone: +49 (201) 85 35 797
fax: +49 (201) 85 35 667

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